High Risk and High Return Automated Trading System HYPERBIT AI TRADER is
automated Bitcoin leverage trading platform
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automated trading system

Automated trading system for high-leverage trading


HYPERBIT is an automated Bitcoin trading system developed for users who demand high returns.
HYPERBIT utilizes AI to automatically perform high-leverage trades.

High-leverage automated trading system

High risk/High return automated trading

HYPERBIT’s key feature is its use of automated high leverage trades to maximize returns.No technical knowledge is required, so even beginners can use it.

High security protection for your BTCs

Safe and reliable security protocols

We have a partnership with Custody BitGO, a multi-signature virtual currency custody solution. Enhance your security settings further with 2-step verification.

Using AI to optimize trade timing

AI-based automated Bitcoin trading

HYPERBIT uses AI to make the best decisions using deep learning, which combines traditional analytical methods with proprietary analytics.

we assist you with any problem

Reliable support in multiple languages

Dedicated staff offer multi-language support by country, including English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese


HYPERBIT is the best choice for high returns


Effectively conducts highly leveraged trading.

HYPERBIT uses AI to automatically optimize the timing and volume of each trade based on past data. Users can rest assured about making high-leverage trades since no additional margin is required. Try HYPERBIT AI TRADER today!


Start trading immediately!

How to start using HYPERBIT AI TRADER


1: Account registration

Just input your email address and register in minutes.It’s free to open an account.

2: Deposit BTCs

Once logged in, copy the BTC address displayed and deposit BTC to that BTC address.


Start trading according to your preferred level of BTCs. AI starts the automated trading process.

4:STOP and withdrawal

You can withdraw money at any time by stopping HYPERBIT once automated trading has completed.

HYPERBIT AI TRADER Click here to register

HYPERBIT is an automated Bitcoin trading system developed for users who demand high returns.
HYPERBIT utilizes AI to automatically perform high-leverage trades

Creating a new account is free. 30% of your automated trading profits are deducted from your balance once you start trading.

Time-efficient process for users

HYPERBIT automatically looks after your BTCs. Just start the system and leave the trading process to HYPERBIT. So easy to use if you don’t have time to trade yourself. HYPERBIT  won’t waste your time.

No specialized knowledge required

No need to worry about complex trends in the Bitcoin market. HYPERBIT uses AI to automatically make the trading decisions for you. No specialty knowledge required. Try it for yourself!

Position status

HYPERBIT AI TRADER Position status and past trading results are published in the format shown in the figure.

*The image is under development and may differ from the actual display.
*HYPERBIT does not guarantee a profit.
*Users may incur a loss depending on the circumstances of their trade.

Our Philosophy

We are extremely positive about the growth potential of Bitcoin.
We expect Bitcoin’s value to appreciate as the number of bitcoins left to mine decreases.

On this basis, transaction volumes looks set to rise as interest in Bitcoin grows.
Our aim is to encourage more users to participate in trading Bitcoin, helping people get involved with our proprietary system that helps them to trade and invest .

To this end, we have developed and operate HYPERBIT AI TRADER, the automated trading system

HYPERBIT AI TRADER - High leverage automated trading system

HYPERBIT AI TRADER is an automated trading system for BTC. Focuses on short-term BTC price volatility for highly leveraged trading. This means higher potential risk, but also higher returns.

The more people become interested in trading Bitcoin, the greater the growth potential of the currency in future.

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